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  • 100% Hands-On, In Person Training

On-Site Microsoft Excel Classes

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Total trainig time: 3 Hours.
Learn how to build basics spreadsheets, write basic formulas, use SUM, AVERAGE functions. This class is best suited for those who have very little or no experience with Microsoft Excel.

Basic User

Total trainig time: 4 Hours.
Create better formulas with more complex cell referencing. Learn to lock cells, use mixed cell references, sort and filter data, text to columns, basic charts. Functions: SUMIF, SUMIFS, SUBTOTAL, COUNT, COUNTA.


Total trainig time: 4 Hours.
Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP, larger datasets, named ranges, cleaning data, merge data. Functions: VLOOKUP, IFERROR.


Total trainig time: 5 Hours.
INDEX, MATCH, Logical Test, Text Manipulation, Date Calculations. Functions: INDEX, MATCH, IF, AND, OR, NETWORKDAYS, DATE, LEFT, MID, RIGHT and many other functions.

Advanced Level 2

Total trainig time: 5 Hours.
Array Calculations, Table Objects, Chart Modifications, Record Basic Macros. Functions: SUMPRODUCT, TEXT, SEARCH, SUBSTITUTE.

Excel VBA

Total trainig time: 10 Hours.
Learn how to Record and Modify Macros, base VBA Syntax. VBA course covers: Writing to Cells and Ranges, IF Then Else Statement, Simple For Loops.

Power Addons

Total trainig time: 5 Hours.
Basic PowerPivot & PowerQuery training. Installation of the toolkit, importing different types of data, merging, combining and transforming data, basic DAX functions.

Finance & Real Estate

Total trainig time: 5 Hours.
Learn core functions used in finance & real estate. Calculate loan payments, present and future value, net present value, loan amortization schedule, IRR, conditional statements and more.